What if I Need to Make Changes to my Case?

When taking on something like filing for bankruptcy, it is important to do all your homework to establish which chapter to file and which one is best for your personal financial situation. As you work on the paperwork and supporting documents, it is very important that you take your time to make sure all your information is correct. This will decrease the chance of making any mistakes that could damage your case. Of course I will thoroughly review your paperwork, checking for errors before we file, but it is possible that an error can happen at some point in the process. If an error does happen, we will need to amend the affected forms to ensure your case moves forward smoothly.

Why Would I Need to Make Changes?

For the most part, completing Bankruptcy forms is problem free, and I will provide you worksheets to keep you on track. They will be included in a customized package that I will develop for you to make sure that no information is missed. Most often the mistakes that would require a form to be amended are not done on purpose. It could be as simple as transposing an account number or forgetting a small debt or asset. Sometimes even while filing for bankruptcy, the unexpected can happen. If you change your job or divorce, it could affect the outcome of your case, and the trustee will need an up-to-date overview of your situation. You will need to immediately revise your forms as this could affect the outcome of your case.


If there are any changes that need to be made, I will help walk you through the process. We will first complete a new form in addition to an amendment cover sheet. In some districts, they allow you to simply submit the revised forms and supporting documents. In other areas, you will have to resubmit all of your paperwork on new forms and tell the court why you are amending the forms. I’ll take care of any forms that need to be submitted as a result of changes. Copies of these forms will be sent to the court trustee and any related creditors. Most of the time there are no additional court fees unless you are adding a new creditor.

Making a New Start

 Obviously, changing forms can cause more work and potentially delay your case. Overall, making the changes are generally pretty simple. However, if the change is something much larger such as converting your case from a Chapter 13 to a 7, there are several additional steps we will have to take. Don’t worry, we will work together to try to avoid any substantial changes that could delay your case. I will work with you to put this challenging time behind you as soon as possible. If you have questions or are confused about the process, give me a call and let’s talk about your situation and make a plan that is right for you.